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My mom listens to Elvis, sings to Patsy Kline, taps the beat with Lawrence Welk and plays chickenfoot dominoes.  The only sound she longs for is her son, and if she forgets it, it may be like she never heard it at all.

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 in response to whoknew...   

I am a health care surrogate for someone.  I only use it when making decisions on her behalf.

To accompany her to an appointment, I only need her permission.  No one even questions whether I am family or friend.

I am not sure how it works in other parts of the country, but that is how it works here.  ???

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 in response to Holly Berry1...   

I think your advice is pretty good. As senior centers do have a list of people who offer there services to take seniors to doctor appointments, grocery shopping or run errands for them. And for any patient it is a great idea to have a list of questions for the doctor and ask the doctor yourself about the medication. Sometimes when we age seniors can forget these things. A  doctor will not let you in the examing room with the person you are helping though. 

I remember times when I was sick and I sent a note with someone to get some cash out at the bank. And I remember being in the hospital making a list of questions to ask my doctor when I was in my 20's. The older lady next to me to heed of what I was doing and made her own list of questions to ask her doctor who came in while she was in the bathroom asked how she was and left. She was in for a stomach problem. She got out of the bathroom yelled at him telling him I have questions to ask you and he came back.

I know what you meant by just helpling people out taking them places. And you brought up a lot of good ideas on what patients should ask!


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 in response to Holly Berry1...   

"be an advocate when needed and make sure they have all their questions answered! "


While this is very helpful for some senior patients, it will not work unless you have a healthcare proxy.  Due to federal law (HIPAA) health care staff are forbidden to disclose patient information to anyone other than the patient. You would need a healthcare proxy to be allowed in the room to discuss the patient's private health information  (PHI) Considering you are merely assisting the patient and NOT a family member, it would be highly unlikely the patient would grant anyone, other than a family member, a proxy. 

A Healthcare proxy is a legal document that must be witnessed by 2 unrelated individuals and kept on file in the patient's health record. It gives the individual the right to view patient information as well as make decisions regarding their care. Again, this is something that is normally reserved for close fmaily members. 

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 in response to Holly Berry1...   

Holly Berry1's,

This is great,clear,concise advice.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

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If you live near people who are elderly or disabled, maybe you can give them a hand and earn some spending money, too!

Hire yourself as "Your Doctor's Appointment Buddy."  Interview your client before their medical appointment to make a list of their concerns.  Make sure they have everything they need for their appt..  Drive them to and from the appointment.  While there, be an advocate when needed and make sure they have all their questions answered!  You could even go to the pharmacy after the appointment and make sure the prescriptions are correct.

You can also help them balance their checkbook, go to the bank, making sure everything they need is organized and done if they want your help.  Otherwise, you can just be a taxi . . .

Each client may have different needs so you will just have to listen and see what you can do.

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Ok girlie I set up my aidpage! Hey check out

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 in response to Joe Hueglin...   Wow, I recieved it in an email, I have added your name at the bottom. It is new to me and the most beautiful story I have read. God Bless You!
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Joe Hueglin

Laura14, "Christmas Eve 1921" came to me from a friend who I must assume picked it up from this site of yours. It was first passed on by me in Canada to those receiving The DAILY DIGEST: INFORMATION and OPINION from ST. JOHN’S to VICTORIA. ARCHIVED at It was then sent to c.1 000 newspaper editors and columnists in Canada with these words. "Christmas Eve 1921", the accompanying recollection of an evening long past, came my way from a friend. It moved me to reflect and compare the manner Aase, my wife, and I and our children and their children, as Canadians of today's generations, will be celebrating Christmas - and just how very fortunate we are. I sent it out to my mailing list this afternoon and received thoughtful responses that have led me to send it your way as well. Unlike other posts you receive from me there is no automatic request to send notice of reading or not reading . Should you do so however, read it that is, and be moved as was I, knowing such was the case would be much appreciated. Joe Hueglin 905-356-3901" Three editors contacted me and will print it. As well this was received from a friend who sent it to me: Swift Current Southwest Booster You cast "Christmas Eve 1921" on the waters. This is bringing back to you that it has traveled far and precipitated many tears of empathetic emotion. Thank you, Joe Hueglin

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 in response to gcruz...   That's why I do it, I'm a glutten for praise LOL , seriously though it makes me feel really good to be able to help. It's so hard to find help these days, there are so many scams and over burdened charities, sometimes it seems impossible. We live day to day , and pray everyday, keep the faith and the Lord always supplies. He loves us!!! God Bless you Grace , Laura
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Thank you so much for your help. I think it is wonderful that you are helping other and coping with your own needs. I will let you know if I find any help. Your an ANGEL to think of others. God Bless Grace

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 in response to Txproudmomof2...   

hi , I have most of it online, go here to check it out

that is my old website, you can also check my new site @ good luck and God bless! 


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Hello Laura I was wondering if you could please send me the information for Collin and Dallas county. I am a Collin county resident and have had issues finding assistance but I am also looking for a friend that is in some serious need for help this holiday season and even though we are not having the best month for our kids we taught them its about others and we want them to see that even this year!

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 in response to aprlady...   I went here and tried to search for differrent types of help, this site seems to be an endless click through site, I never found more than an explanation of program, no website links, or phone numbers I was disappointed. Anyways I wont be adding it to my website, but thanks hun.
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 in response to aprlady...   

ty, It's appreciated!


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skeptic mom
 in response to rosario315...   

HI,Rosario just want say I'M with you in your prayers and I know thathelp is coming as it did for me. My little girl was born with 7 heart murmers of which she neede surgery.The pastor and other pastors from the other churches along with their members all united in prayer.We got the heilp we needed and her surgery was a success,she is now 10 years old now and giving her older brother trouble.GOD does answer prayers.Stay united don't despair!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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Hi, Just want to share my story. I'm a mom with three wonderful children. One them is now in heaven, "Angel" Johan. The two other children who is left to my care are "Blue Babies" or with congenital heart defect. My eldest, Jandi, who is now 10yrs old had underwent heart surgery 8 yrs ago. my 2nd child, Jorgina, the one with me in the picture I posted in aidpage is to undergo the same surgery. Me and my husband have a good job here in our country but with the conditon of my children we really have a hard time supporting their needs. But because we love our children we try our very best to help them, even if I have to ask help from other people which I don't usually do, I will. Just to save them and give them the 2nd chance they deserve. I said my children are wonderful because despite their sickness they are doing well in school, My son ,Jandi, he is a consistent honor student and will recieve a gold medal on their recognition day for having gotten the first place in his Social Studies subject challenge. My daughter, Jorgina, is very smart too. With this, I still thank and praise God for giving me 3 special bundle of joys. I'm a lucky Mom to have these 3 wonderful children. To anyone, don't be sad or angry if you have special children. Just take care of them and the good Lord in heaven will embrace you and make your load lighter. Blessings.

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hello,its very late,but i hope you will add me to your space, God bless stacylynn

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 in response to PhoenixF1re...   

Well, we get something back. The kids medicaid is great. My son and I are both hearing impaired. And he is in the process of getting new hearing aids, and they won't cost me a dime. I am also meeting with a lady from "Texas Vocational rehabilitation" and I'm told she is going to get me hearing aids as well. Then I can atleast work again, part time. I can't work longer than 5 hours a day, because of my Sciatica, and back. I just start hurting too much. But it will be a little money. I'm not sure how much longer my husband can work though. He may have to file for Dissability, and I know that that can take years. But I'm not gonna let myself get down about it. I keep feeling like I'm getting sad, but I have to remember that the Lords gonna take care of it. And as long as I believe in him, he will.

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 in response to Laura14...   

That gets me so mad. You work so hard all your life and you get nothing in return. I'm going to do some research for ya.

 I'll get back to you with anything I find :)

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